Our Vibe

At Off the Rails, we strive to have a kick ass environment with great food and great beer. Everything you see in Off the Rails is tailored to fit our story. We want you to enjoy our handcrafted beer and delicious food all in a custom designed and unique environment. Our tables and chairs are specially made from rebar, train wood, and train fabric. We branded every table with a railroad spike and a few tables have actual railroad spikes inserted in the center. Our stunning bar top was made from a local company in Boise. We want everything in our brewery to feel like an entirely new experience, every time. Everything in Off the Rails represents our story. We represent the history of old town Pocatello and the foundation this city was built on. The foundation that revolves around supporting local and keeping our history alive. We strive to be as historic and unforgettable as the railroads of Pocatello. We invite all of you to become part of our story.... There’s plenty of room, so all aboard, we’re heading Off the Rails!

Off the Rails Brewing

Good Beer. Good Food. Good People.
Old Town Pocatello.